Auckland commuters travelling in along the Northern and Western motorways may need to allow more time as traffic slows to a crawl.

The New Zealand Transport agency said there was no specific incident causing the build-up, but said it had noticed morning congestion seemed to be getting earlier over the last few weeks.

Traffic on Auckland Transport's live feed showed at 7:40 this morning severe congestion along the Northern starting from Oteha Valley road, with the average speed slowed down to a 4 km/hr to 20 km/hr crawl up till Northcote Road.

Along the North Western motorway it was a similar story with traffic building up from around Hobsonville with the estimated travel time into the city of 48 minutes.


One commuter said part of the reason for the congestion could be due to the fact the North Western was down to two lanes on the causeway because of the ongoing roadworks.

Along the Southern motorway there was also some build-up around Mt Wellington.