Firefighters in the South Island reported going out to five fireworks-related incidents overnight.

Guy Fawkes is today and most celebrations were expected to happen tonight.

Fire Northern Communications, covering the northern half of the North Island, reported no major issues with fireworks overnight.

The Fire Service said people should be considerate towards other people and to animals this Guy Fawkes.


Fireworks went on sale on Monday.


• Read and follow the manufacturer's instructions.

• Don't mix booze and fireworks.

• Always let adults, not children, light the fireworks.

• Keep a bucket of water or a hose handy.

• Light your fireworks in a wide-open area and keep away from anything flammable.

• Keep unlit fireworks in their box or bag until you're ready to use them

• Leave dud fireworks alone.


• If you get burned, hold your burn under running water for 20 minutes.

• Put away fireworks after 10:30pm.

• Keep pets inside on Guy Fawkes Night.

• Point fireworks at the stars, not at people.

(Source: Fire Service)