A billboard sign alluding to a $345 payment to voters at the Auckland Energy Consumers Trust elections has drawn a complaint to the electoral officer.

The centre-right Communities and Residents team, which holds all five seats on the trust, has put a sign on its billboards that reads '$345 = VOTE C&R'.

On September 23, the 319,000 beneficiaries of the trust began receiving a $345 dividend from the trust.

The trust holds 75.4 per cent of the shares in the energy company Vector that go back to the former Auckland Electric Power Board. It acts in the interests of 319,000 businesses in Auckland, Manukau and parts of Papakura.


The sign led to a complaint from a West Auckland woman, Leilani Tamu, to the the electoral officer Dale Ofsoske.

Mr Ofsoske told the Herald because the election was being held under the deeds of the trust and not the Local Electoral Act his powers were very limited.

He said he had written to C&R about the matter but it was up to them to remove or modify the sign.

C&R president and AECT trustee Karen Sherry could not be reached for comment.

Postal voting in the trust elections closes on October 30.