Police are looking for a man who was the subject of an Armed Offenders Squad callout in Napier yesterday.

Teargas was fired into an Onekawa house during the AOS callout after reports of a domestic incident - but the wanted man wasn't inside.

Officers are now looking for Shane Teddy, 49, in relation to the incident.

"Police believe Teddy had earlier presented a firearm at his partner and had barricaded himself inside the house and refused to come out. There was no response to loud hailer appeals and police fired teargas into the house," police said in a statement this evening.


"Teddy was not in the house and has been eluding police since yesterday."

Two firearms were found in a house next door to Mr Teddy's property on Hislop Ave, police said.

It was unknown if Mr Teddy was armed.

Anybody with information on Mr Teddy should call 111 immediately, police said.