The Government is being urged to keep up the pressure on Australia to change its deportation policy.

The detention of New Zealanders in Australia - some on isolated Christmas Island near Indonesia - was expected to be high on the agenda during Malcolm Turnbull's first international visit as Prime Minister to New Zealand at the weekend.

But Mr Turnbull wasn't prepared to entertain any talk of scrapping or substantially changing the controversial measure.

Green Party human rights spokesperson Catherine Delahunty says all options should be on the table.


She says our Government first needs to spell out the problems to Australia, then consider stronger diplomatic measures.

Mr Turnbull says more consideration will be given to New Zealanders in detention centres - but that's as far as he went.

Political commentator David Slack says it might seem a change of tone from the Australian government, but there's no change in sentiment.

He says New Zealanders are being taken for saps and we need to be doing what's in our best interest.