An ex-police officer has left his job after he subjected his girlfriend to a "sustained" beating.

Former Constable Lomitusi Lomi, 25, was slammed by Judge Nevin Dawson over the attack which took place after a boozy night out in the city in April.

"That job should've made you more aware of unacceptable violence and its consequences," the judge said.

"Men who use their strength to beat women are, quite frankly, cowards."


Lomi was 20 minutes late for his hearing at Auckland District Court today and had not contacted probation about his pre-sentence interview.

Judge Dawson said his apologies were "meaningless" and ordered him to meet with a probation officer in the cells.

Lomi was eventually dealt with after five hours in lock-up, when the details of the incident were revealed.

He and his partner of more than four years got home from a night in town at 5am and an argument developed over her kissing someone weeks earlier while they were separated.

The ex-cop punched her in the head and as she attempted to escape he dragged her back on to the bed by her pyjama top.

There were further kicks and punches as she cowered in the corner of the room, her hands covering her face to protect herself.

"You had the chance to pull back but you didn't, you continued," Judge Dawson said.

Lomi then followed her to the lounge and ripped off her top before she managed to grab her car keys and flee.


The court heard the victim sustained contusions to her knee, elbow and forearm and went to a clinic later that day before she was transported to Waitakere Hospital suffering dizziness.

Lomi's lawyer George Burns said the defendant had apologised during a restorative justice conference that was beneficial for both parties.

His client was committed to a 20-week anti-violence programme as well as alcohol counselling, he said.

Judge Dawson condemned the use of violence but accepted Lomi's remorse was genuine.

He hoped a sentence of 120 hours community work and 18 months intensive supervision sent a message to the community.

Lomi was initially charged with injuring with intent to injure, but that was withdrawn by the Crown before sentencing and replaced with the lesser charge of male assaults female.

Though the judge was critical of the 25-year-old's actions, he also offered him a message of hope.

"You had a respectable occupation in the community. That doesn't mean to say you can't put this offending behind you and regain that respect you had," he said.

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