A disgruntled South African rugby fan has sold his Springbok jersey on Trade Me after his side's stunning loss to Japan today.

The seller, arsenalboy, took to the site in a huff with a somewhat foggy photo of an XL jersey he said was bought in the 1990s.

"That's it. Following the defeat by Japan I'm selling my South African Springboks jersey," he wrote.

"What a joke. I could never wear it with any semblance of pride again. Could be used as a door mat - with Argentina and now Japan walking all over us.''


Japan's 34-32 win over the two-time Rugby World Cup champions shocked the rugby world this morning (NZT) and has been dubbed one of the tournament history's greatest upsets ever.

The ex-Springbok fan gave full credit to the Japanese team for the win, saying: "They totally deserved it. As for the Springboks, I'm over them. So someone else can have this jersey.''

The auction attracted dozens of amusing comments and jabs to the seller, with several traders asking whether he was actually wanting to pay someone to take the jersey off his hands.

One trader appeared to be trying to encourage the ex-fan to stay positive; pointing out that the loss was "only one game.''

The seller replied: "Wearing this jersey outside of the house would be too embarrassing. I just want it gone now. Will look at trading for a kimono.''

The jersey sold tonight for a Buy Now price of $150.