A Westport man convicted of possessing child pornography in March can now be named.

Jason Stuart Barrell, 45, was sentenced to two months' home detention and 250 hours' community work in Westport District Court on March 11, after admitting six charges of possessing objectionable publications. He was also granted six months' name suppression, which has now expired.

During sentencing, Judge Raoul Neave said the images found on Barrell's computer were disturbing and "downright disgusting".

Most of the images were in the "less serious" category.


Many were of young girls, some of whom were engaged in sexual situations with older men. Others involved animals and defecation.

There was no suggestion the images had been created or distributed by Barrell, Judge Neave said.

Defending, Doug Taffs said Barrell had found the child pornography on the internet and developed an unhealthy attraction to it. The material was discovered by Barrell's wife, who immediately alerted police. She was upset and shocked and felt the need to protect their children, Mr Taffs said.

Barrell has no relevant prior conviction. A probation report at the time assessed his risk of re-offending as 'low'.

- Westport News

17 Sep, 2015 9:23am
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