A blend of political parties' logos, a Weet-Bix packet or a corporate fern - the final flag designs are causing plenty of discussion and unfavourable comparisons.

The final four designs revealed
Flag designs a national disgrace

Mike Hosking says everyone has a stake in our flag debate. He reckons our flag simply has to have black in it, and if there's a colour that's associated with this country, it's black

The two flags by architectural designer Kyle Lockwood, featuring the southern cross and a silver fern, are early favourites in online polls, and have received the backing of high-profile New Zealanders.

However, social media users have pointed out that the Silver Fern (red, white and blue) design has similarities to the two big political parties' logos.


Labour's red logo features a fern, and National's blue symbol a southern cross. When placed side-by-side, they resemble the alternative flag design.

Another keen-eyed Twitter user spotted almost the same design on a packet of heavy duty "Kiwi Party Ware" plastic plates. Others have compared the red, blue and white colour scheme to a Weet-Bix packet or the logos of United States' sports leagues like the NBA.

The koru flag has also been highlighted on social media for its hypnotic qualities.

Finding a silver fern design that was not too similar to the various sporting and corporate emblems was always going to be challenging.

The Silver Fern design by flight attendant Alofi Kanter avoids comparisons with the All Blacks' version, but closely resembles the logo of New Zealand Trade and Enterprise (NZTE) and, slightly less so, a fern used by the Companies Office.

New Zealand film director and actor Taika Waititi has also taken to social media to share his thoughts, offering up three different flags on his Facebook page.

"All New Zealanders. These are your flags. I have spoken," he wrote on Facebook.