The experience of thousands of students with dyslexia, dyspraxia, and autism spectrum disorders as they progress through school is to be examined by Parliament.

An inquiry has been announced by Parliament's Education and Science Committee, after a briefing from the Ministry of Education and a request from the Green Party.

"The committee has agreed that this is an important issue for a large number of New Zealanders, with dyslexia alone affecting an estimated 70,000 school children nationwide," committee chair and National MP Dr Jian Yang said.

The inquiry will investigate current screening in schools, identify the best educational practice, and look at why uptake of assistance was much higher at schools that draw students from wealthier communities.


Green Party education spokeswoman Catherine Delahunty urged parents, schools and teachers to make submissions to the select committee.

"Investigations at an early level of education are important before students may become discouraged from education at higher levels," Ms Delahunty said.

"So many students are missing out on education because their learning differences are not identified early enough and help is not made available."