A naked escape through a blazing house in Rotorua and dodgy tree choppers in Northland are just two of the stories making headlines around the regions today.

The skin on his back and a couple of guinea pigs were all this Rotorua man had left after a fire engulfed his home over the weekend.
Dodgy tree fellers are apparently attempting to get Northlanders to hand over large sums of money to trim trees.

This Wanganui man waited three hours for an ambulance after an accident left him with a broken pelvis and internal bleeding.

Two weeks ago this young girl was running through the mud, tackling the Tough Gal Challenge. Now she has an even bigger fight on her hands.


Its taken almost 40 years, but a Hawke's Bay woman has finally passed her drivers test.

Masterton RSA have stepped up to the plate to support the Navy veteran who had his mobility scooter stolen.

And finally, wet weather saw an isolated twister and road flooding in parts of the Western Bay over the weekend.