Auckland police have called off the investigation into the reported kidnapping of two young women from the city centre early this morning - and instead, are considering further action against the girls.

A press release issued by police at 9.42pm tonight stated that "several further inquiries" have been carried out today - resulting in the young women "amending their version of events", and the matter is no longer under investigation.

Originally, Detective Sergeant Nick Poland said two girls, aged 18 and 19, were drinking at an Auckland bar last night when they were snatched from Auckland's Queen St and shoved into a car in the early hours of the morning.

Detective Sergeant Tony McKenzie said it is disappointing when matters are misrepresented to police, but officers are committed to following up on such reports.


"We are relieved to know the young women did not suffer any harm at the end of their night out but remind everyone who makes a 111 call that they will be treated seriously and our staff will commit time and resources to investigate such claims," McKenzie said.

"The young women have been reminded of their responsibilities and we are considering whether any further action with regards to them is necessary."

Police said they treat all reports of crime seriously and investigate such matters thoroughly in order to ensure potential offenders are located as soon as possible, and, to reassure the public that such events are appropriately dealt with.