Is there somewhere we could view the new ACC safety ratings? It would be helpful to those seeking to buy a car. Jim Taylor, Orewa.

And, in similar vein: I drive a 2011/12 Kia Sportage which has a 5-star rating with Ancap Australasian New Car Assessment Program but is in band 1 (worst) with ACC. What other makes that have a 5-star rating fall into this same low band? Barry Wood, Cockle Bay.

From July 1, 2015 most light passenger motor vehicles registered in New Zealand will be assigned a levy band - a number between 1 and 4:

1 - a vehicle with the most injury risk; 4 - a vehicle with the least injury risk.

To find out what band applies to your vehicle go to and enter your car plate number. See the levy rates for each band in the graphic. For more information click here.

ACC manages vehicle risk ratings, so should be your first point of contact if you have any questions or a problem with the risk rating of your vehicle. It can be contacted on 0800 222 776.


I do not have figures for Ancap ratings in each band.

I park in the Wilson (Farmers) car park in Wyndham St and often exit out the bottom on to Fanshawe St if heading north or if Hobson St is clogged up.

The only problem coming out at the bottom is that there is a new bus lane now on that section of Fanshawe St. Trying to get out into the centre lane is often near impossible with a continual stream of buses at peak hour and a solid queue of traffic in the centre and far lanes.

Am I allowed to come out into the bus lane and wait for a break in traffic to move into the centre lane? I understand you are allowed to enter or exit a bus lane for 50m, the only problem being in this instance is that if I come out into the bus lane I risk holding up the buses which kind of defeats the purpose of the bus lane. A J Dickason, East Tamaki.

Pulling into a lane and blocking it as you wait to merge is not a safe manoeuvre. You must also give way to vehicles permitted to use the lane so you may not block it. Thus, unfortunately, your only option is to wait until you can cross the bus lane to get to the lane that you need.