Three weeks after the crash that killed her parents, Former All Black Jerry Collins' baby daughter has woken up from her coma.

Four-month-old Ayla Collins, survived the car crash that killed her father and mother, Alana Madill, in southern France on June 5.

A statement released by the Madill and Collins families said Ayla had emerged from an induced coma a week ago.

She has since been monitored and examined for any negative impacts from the crash, the statement said, and her physical and mental skills would continue to be reviewed and assessed.


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Ayla was now able to be bottle-fed and was able to breath on her own, after she underwent surgery to relieve a fluid buildup within her brain.

"To date we understand the operation was successful and Ayla is recovering nicely from it. We remain thankful for her progress and optimistic for her future."

Meanwhile, the families said Ayla continued to receive excellent care from medical staff in Montpellier, France.

"We are still uncertain as to the extent of Ayla's injuries and we are most grateful for all the people who continue to pray for Ayla during her recovery.

"Both the Madill and the Collins families are completely committed to Ayla's healthcare being the priority at this time. Fortunately that care is available in France and the staff have been wonderful.

"Both our families appreciate the concern, support and love people have shown as a result of this tragedy."