The Conservative Party's board has all but dissolved, possibly paving the way for Colin Craig to claim back the leadership.

Six out of 10 board members have resigned today in the wake of Mr Craig's admission of inappropriate conduct.

The departures included former deputy leader Christine Rankin and Mr Craig's brother Andrew Craig.

Of the three remaining board members, one was overseas and could not comment.


Another of them, John Stringer, was facing disciplinary action for revealing confidential information and bringing the party into disrepute.

Mr Craig said today the party still had a future.

He said the board was likely to dissolve and a membership vote would be held to choose the next leader and a new board.

Mrs Rankin was the first board member to confirm her departure from the party today..
She said the final straw was Mr Craig's "excruciating and embarrassing" press conference on Monday.

"This has gone on for months and months and months. Everything that happens, something happens straight after it, and it gets worse and worse and worse."

Conservative Party Board

Brian Dobbs (chair)

Roy Brown - resigned

Andrew Craig - resigned

Colin Craig (former leader) - resigned

Laurence Day - currently overseas

Nathaniel Heslop - resigned from board, remains party member

Regan Monahan - resigned

Melissa Perkin - resigned

Christine Rankin - resigned

John Stringer - facing disciplinary action

Paul Young