Frustrated Jetstar passengers left stranded after their flight to Queenstown was detoured are once again en route to their original destination by coach.

The passengers had been left stranded in Christchurch after their flight from Auckland was detoured. They then endured a lengthy coach ride that was forced to return to Christchurch as roads closed due to bad weather.

After starting out with 120 passengers, only 40 were now on their way to Queenstown by coach for a second time, traveller Nicola Murphy said.

"From 120 yesterday, it's now turned to 40 so I don't know what's happened to everybody else."


Some passengers had opted to give up entirely on Jetstar and pay for flights with Air New Zealand, she said.

Ms Murphy said her and the other remaining passengers had been on the road since 9am and were in the "middle of nowhere". She said they had not heard anything from Jetstar throughout the whole journey.

"I've got no idea what's happening with Jetstar, but they've made no contact with anyone," she said.

Following the first failed coach trip, the company put the stranded passengers in a Christchurch hotel overnight, while some stayed in Timaru.

The passengers were on flight JQ279 from Auckland yesterday morning.

Ms Murphy said when she finally arrived in Queenstown she would try and enjoy what was left of her holiday before flying out on Monday. The trip had ended up taking her two days, rather than two hours.

Jetstar could not be reached for further comment, but a spokesman said earlier today they would be "keeping in touch" with affected passengers.