A happy penguin in Mt Maunganui and a corpse flower in Auckland are just two of the stories making headlines around the regions today.

Now that's happiness - the little blue penguin caught in an oil spill has made a dash for freedom in Mt Maunganui. Check out the video.

After days of anticipation the Auckland Domain Winter Garden's 'corpse flower' is in full bloom today. Watch the video here.

Mushrooms are causing a bit of stink in Hawke's Bay.


A "brave" young dog walker impressed a Stratford couple when she attempted to save a beloved furry family member from an "awful" attack.

It is a year since the rain came down and washed Incy Wincy out - causing millions of tiny spiders to cover the land in silk. Check out the photos here.

A Wairarapa man who fought for compensation over a dangerous naval exercise from over 50 years ago has died without receiving a cent.

Working alongside Asian factory workers toiling for small change has changed the way this Rotorua student thinks.

And finally, a little girl in Wanganui is determined to make someone less fortunate very happy.