Frankie, Freddy or Fifi? Or maybe something more home-grown like Frodo or Fauna?

The Ministry for Primary Industries is on the hunt for name suggestions for two new biosecurity beagle puppies who will soon be patrolling New Zealand's borders.

There's just one catch - the names have to begin with "F".

Six puppies were born into the "F litter" in May, the latest bunch of beagles produced under the MPI detector dog breeding programme that has produced more than 30 litters in two decades.


The puppies will soon head to foster homes to prepare for training and will return to MPI service in May 2016.

MPI detection technology manager Brett Hickman said the breed was ideal for the day job.

"Our MPI-bred beagles have proven themselves as excellent biosecurity detector dogs.

"They are ideally suited to working at airports and ports to sniff out food, plants other items that could pose biosecurity risk to New Zealand."

The MPI naming competition - for one female and one male name for the youngsters - finishes on Friday when judges will select the top pick.

More than 400 people have entered so far with suggestions ranging from Ford, Fern and Foxie to Flanders and Forrest.

Go to to post your suggestion. Only one entry per person.