National MP Judith Collins tonight released emails that show a $30,000 door that will separate Labour MPs from National MPs sharing a floor in Parliament House was opposed by the National Party.

She and six other National MPs were consulted about the door by National senior whip Tim Macindoe in January this year.

Mr Macindoe's reply her and the six other MPs he consulted says: "I have now heard from all of you in response to my request for your thoughts about installing an extra security door on Level2 and I'm pleased that you are all of the same view...Thank-you for replying and for the helpful reasons you provided for not wanting the door."

Mr Macindoe said he had told Jim Robb, the Parliamentary Service group manager of precinct services, that National wanted to the status quo to be maintained.


Labour whip Chris Hipkins said yesterday the door had been proposed by National MP Gerry Brownlee after last September's election, but omitted to say parties had been consulted in January to say whether they really wanted it.

The floor in question was historically the home of the Press Gallery until it was evicted without consultation during a major refurbishment in the 1990s.

The media will be able to get through the new security doors but not MPs from other parties. The kauri doors will be installed at the weekend.

The new set-up will also mean that the men and women's toilets on the second floor will no longer be available to National MPs or their staff. They will have to use toilets downstairs.

A kitchen close to Ms Collins' office which has been shared with Labour MPs will no longer be accessible to Labour.

Mr Hipkins confirmed tonight that he also received the letter from Mr Robb, that he had he canvassed his MPs and that they wanted the door.

"Our people were of a mind that they wanted to see it continue because it was the original part of the deal.

"That was Gerry's proposal to us when he basically asked to take seven offices off us and install a door, that was the deal we signed up for."