Warning graphic content.

A man who had his testicles ripped out with a dirty hook says he's disgusted the man who slashed open his scrotum has avoided jail time.

Stephen John Docherty was an unhappy customer who attacked tradesman Brian Ross of Kawerau after hiring him to do some concrete work.

But Docherty said he'd never been in trouble before, was sorry for what happened, and had since taken anger management lessons and paid a heavy price for the crime.


In court this week, Docherty was sentenced to 12 months' home detention, 160 hours
community work, and ordered to pay $7500 reparation.

The attack left Mr Ross, 50, in hospital as his scrotum was stitched up and his testicles lifted back to where they belonged.

Mr Ross called RadioLive this week to recount the horrific story - and Docherty responded with his own view of events today.

At 3.30pm on St Patrick's Day, Docherty, 66, arrived home and alleged work done was not to the standard he wanted.

Mr Ross said Docherty had demanded a neighbour's driveway be ripped out. After a fiery exchange, Docherty got a 15cm-long hook with a pointed end fashioned from a round steel rod.

He drove the hook through Mr Ross's pants, piercing his scrotum.

"This gentleman was not happy... so he decided that he wanted to remove my testicles," Mr Ross told RadioLive.

"My testicles dropped out of my pants and bled out," he continued.


"I've sat back, and then the worst part, he carried [on] unloading his truck."

Mr Ross was with a colleague too stunned to know what to do.

"He could not handle it. He had to lie down on the grass," Mr Ross said.

"I asked Steve, the gentleman, for help. He carried on doing what he wanted while I stood there with blood pouring out as I talked to 111. Then I had to [hang] up because I was starting to faint out," he told RadioLive.

"He had pulled so hard that when it ripped my scrotum it pulled all my testicles from around by your kidney and exposed [them] while blood poured out and let my testicles fell out of my pants..."

The 50 year-old tradesman said he was speaking out because Docherty's sentence from Whakatane District Court was pathetic.

"I'm not happy with the justice system," he said.

He spent two hours in hospital and his scrotum was stitched up.

His testicles were pushed back in but Mr Ross said he could not work and suffered painful medical conditions including persistent boils and intense fain felt right up to his kidneys.

But in his first interview, Docherty told NZME. News Service only part of the story had been told.

"I know Mr Ross is not happy and I would probably, in the context, be quite pissed myself if it was him that did it to me. But I have been through court. I have been sentenced and that's as far as it's going to go, as far as I'm concerned."

Asked what sort of person ripped open another man's scrotum, Docherty said just prior to the incident, he walked to his truck and picked up a hook he needed to use on a job at home, only to find Mr Ross in his face.

"He said 'Don't get me angry or I'll f****** do you, ya c***'. I reached into his groin with this hook and said 'Feel that? That's what you'll get if you want to go down that road'."
Docherty said Mr Ross's face suddenly changed.

"His face changed so dramatically that the words didn't come out for the following part of it. When he pushed my hand away, I just stood there. I was dumbfounded."

The tradie said he had to call 111 himself as he bled profusely.

"It's something that I am definitely not proud of," Docherty said. "Up until this event I had a very good standing in the community. I have lost more than what the man even remotely thinks."

He said the incident had cost him about $100,000.

"Because of what I did, my own doing, I lost my licence to my tow truck, my tow business. So I lost my ability for earnings for the two months prior to the court case."

He said he had voluntarily handed in his gun collection.

"It's the first time I've ever been in trouble."

Docherty said he wrote Mr Ross a letter to apologise the next day.

But he said he was banned from contacting Mr Ross so didn't know if a reconciliation was possible.

"It's not an easy road. Yes, I feel for the man but I'm still not allowed to contact him."

Docherty said the scrotum attack was not premeditated.

Meanwhile, Mr Ross may have found a new ally.

Serial litigant Graham McCready, who prosecuted former Auckland mayor and Act leader John Banks, has threatened to take on the case, telling RadioLive Docherty's sentence was disproportionate to the offence.

Docherty said he had no idea what McCready was planning so he couldn't comment on that topic.

"This is the first I've even heard of Graham McCready."