A boy racer struggling to find car insurance has turned to his fellow petrol-heads online for help.

The user posted on Reddit, an online message-board website, to ask who would insure a 20-year-old male with a 3.5 litre engine car.

Reddit user Mashayous said he had tried both AA and Tower but both had denied him because of his age and type of car.

"Can anyone help me out," he asked.


"I just got a new car a few days ago (2005 Nissan 350Z) and I'm having trouble trying to find a company that is willing to insure it.

I've tried the major ones like AA and Tower, but both have said that they can't offer any form insurance for my car."

Another user, blunk, said he could try Fintel.

"Fintel insured me as a 21 year old driving a turbo. I think I fluked it though, as they later told me I shouldn't have been insured."

However the majority of posters recommended NAC insurance, a company which specialises in insuring young drivers with high performance cars.

Their website said they had been providing their "specialised" service for over 18 years.

"Not quite standard? Neither are we. NAC specialises in insurance for modified cars, high performance cars or motorbikes and young drivers," its website said.