The infamous Papakura seal has been removed from the car wash where it has been languishing and napping for most of the day.

Auckland Zoo and Department of Conservation staff moved the seal onto a truck and are now heading to a remote beach near Waiuku to re-release it.

Via a parody Twitter account the "seal" posted a message to its fans and followers.

"They've got me sealed in for a road trip, and I can tell you, it's not exactly Air New Zealand business class."


A second tweet said: "They may take me to a secluded beach - but they'll never take ... OUR FREEDOM!"

The rogue seal also has ACC warning people about animal safety.

According to ACC, 14 seal-related injury claims were made last year. One person was even bitten on the bum.

The rogue seal's antics had continued today, with the animal showing up in a Papakura car wash.

Police, Department of Conservation and Auckland Zoo staff turned up at the scene to move the seal.

The Fire Service was also at the scene.


The seal at the car wash in Papakura. Photo / Daniel Hines
The seal at the car wash in Papakura. Photo / Daniel Hines
The seal spotted at a car wash in Papakura. Photo / Daniel Hines
The seal spotted at a car wash in Papakura. Photo / Daniel Hines

There has been speculation that the bitter chill over Auckland last night forced the seal to seek shelter.


However, seals have the ability to regulate their body temperature. They have a thick layer of blubber to keep their internal organs insulated and grow new skin each year to prevent damaged layers losing heat which can result in hypothermia.

Yesterday, the seal, believed to be a fur seal, waddled its way into the middle of the road, with the call out to Coles Crescent coded a "mammal hazard".

The drive to work was anything but normal for Michael Saxon today. As he made his way through Papakura, in Auckland's south, he came upon a giant seal in the middle of the road.

At around lunch time, the seal had been herded down to the reserve near the estuary by police and firefighters and was monitored by Department of Conservation staff.

"Hopefully will just jump back in and swim home," an emergency services source said at the time.

Papakura Seal popular on social media

A Facebook page has now been set up for the Papakura seal. The parody account follows a similar page on Twitter that was started when the seal was first spotted yesterday.

The pages are not connected. The Twitter poster has said: "The Facebook page is not associated with the official Papakura Seal Twitter feed. Bad language is not fur kids!"

The Facebook page does contain profanity.

It is unclear who is behind the Twitter feed, which has gained 441 followers since it was set up yesterday morning.

The first two people to follow the page, perhaps suspiciously, were news reporters.

The Twitter account has been updated this morning:

Four fun seal facts

•Fur seals are very good swimmers and recently weaned pups are capable of turning up almost anywhere around New Zealand.

•On land they sometimes become disoriented and have been found in unusual places such as backyards, drains and streets.

•Adult males reach about 2 m nose to tail length, and may weigh 185 kg.

•They feed mainly on squid and small mid-water fish but also take larger species such as conger eels, barracuda, jack mackerel and hoki.