New Zealand is the best place on Earth to be a prostitute, says a local sex workers' advocate.

Catherine Healey, New Zealand Prostitutes' Collective national co-ordinator, told an Australian news website New Zealand was the best country to work in the sex industry.

She said laws here around sex work were the world's most effective and exploitation was kept at bay.

"We've effectively allowed sex workers more control over what they choose to do," she told the site.


"It's really important to have as many options as possible and to be able to work wherever one wants - we've avoided a monopoly scenario and it keeps exploitation in check."

The New York Post and news outlets in Malaysia, the Netherlands and United Kingdom have since picked up on Ms Healey's comments.

"Sex workers across the ditch sign contracts, get paid weekly, work for bosses who keep their best interests at heart and have a relationship with police that Australian prostitutes can only dream of,"

added. "Prostitution is even covered under occupational health and safety laws."

Ms Healey credited the Prostitution Reform Act 2003 for the world-leading working conditions.