Police have referred the case of a mother who allegedly dropped her child at school while drunk to Child, Youth and Family.

The Hastings woman also allegedly had an unrestrained toddler in the car, Hawke's Bay Senior Sergeant Greg Brown said.

Police were first alerted to the woman when she drove erratically along Wall Rd in Hastings about 9am on Wednesday. A concerned driver followed the woman to the primary school, where she struck a parked car while trying to do a U-turn.

Mr Brown said it would be up to Child, Youth and Family to decide what course of action to take in regards to the children's care.


Police were unsure whether the mother was drunk from the night before or whether she had been drinking that morning, Mr Brown said.

"She wasn't particularly co-operative so we have to go with what's in front of us," he said. "Given her state you would expect it would be a reasonably fresh binge session, but who knows."

The woman was taken to the Hastings Police Station, where she was processed for drink-driving. She will appear in Hastings District Court next Wednesday, charged with dangerous driving and refusing to give a blood sample.

The school-aged child went to school as normal on Wednesday, while the pre-school-aged child was taken to a family friend's house.

"Police had to go back to the station and get a car seat because the toddler was completely unrestrained," Mr Brown said. "Luckily, there was a family friend who lived nearby who could look after the toddler."

Mr Brown said police had spoken to all relevant witnesses and had sufficient evidence to take the matter to court. There would be no further charges at this stage.

The school hadn't been involved in the police investigation as the incident happened outside school grounds, Mr Brown said.

Senior Constable Andy Clinton said the incident, which had left officers "dumbfounded and angry", was particularly disturbing in light of recent publicity for Road Safety Week this week.


Checkpoints had been set up outside some schools and arterial routes, with police checking on seatbelt wearing, cellphone use and enforcing the 20km/h speed limit past stationary school buses.

Ministry of Social Development spokeswoman Amanda Forsey said CYFs would not comment on its involvement in the case as it was a police matter.