The landscape of war is being recreated in an online game of Minecraft that will appeal to all ages.

The Gallipoli in Minecraft exhibition at Auckland Museum opens tomorrow and runs until October 11.

A virtual world recreating the 1915 Gallipoli landscape in the popular game of Minecraft will be downloadable from Anzac Day.

Auckland Museum school programmer Wendy Burne said it would be an intergenerational treasure.


Watch: Gallipoli in Minecraft - Behind the scenes

"Minecraft, as a lot of parents know, is a very popular game and kids react very strongly to it," Ms Burne said.

"We're hoping a meeting of two worlds will happen. A grandparent could go through with their young grandchild who is familiar with Minecraft but then there'll be objects and photographs the older person can talk to in the conversation."

The game setting was based on the New Zealand soldier experience and included Anzac Cove as well as Cape Helles, Ms Burne said. Resources used to create the Gallipoli in Minecraft game setting will feature in the museum exhibition.

What is Minecraft?

• Minecraft is a popular online game where users break and place blocks to create imaginative 3D worlds.

• The simple look of the game has been compared to online Lego.

• Users can populate their online worlds with animals, people and buildings and it can be played by individuals or in multiplayer mode.