A woman who imported nearly $1 million of methamphetamine in the post made the police's job significantly easier by having it delivered to her home.

Judge Russell Collins said the role of "catcher" often saw criminals use a variety of tactics to separate themselves from the crime.

"Your offending involved no greater activity like organising post boxes or other false addresses, nor deceit or subterfuge, which are often carried out when people act as the receiver of illegal drugs," he said.

"The drugs were sent to the address you were living ... and you took control of them."


Waipiu Lau, 23, was found with 913.4g of P at her North Shore home on August 29 and was promptly charged with importation and possession for supply.

The Hong Kong national appeared in Auckland District Court this afternoon where Judge Collins took a starting jail term of 12 years.

Lau received sentence discounts for her youth, her previously clean record, "difficulties and trauma" she had gone through in her life, her remorse and her early guilty plea.

Judge Collins settled on a final sentence of just over seven years in prison.

Because of the large quantity of the imported meth, he imposed a minimum non-parole period of two years and 10 months.