The owners of a cat shot with an arrow through its head in East Auckland overnight are too scared to keep the animal and are considering moving house in case they were deliberately targeted by whoever maimed their pet.

The 8-month-old white domestic female cat was taken to the Manukau After House Veterinary Clinic about 11pm last night after one of her owners woke to find it with an arrow embedded in her skull.

Shocking photos and x-rays posted on the business' Facebook page show where the arrow entered through the cat's right eye and penetrated through its skull into its neck.

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Head vet nurse Kirsty Spemann said the business had taken ownership of the cat, now named Eileen, because its owners were too scared it would be targeted again.

"They were so scared that someone very close to them has done and looking at moving house. They don't want to take her back and have someone do it again.

"They are lovely people and absolutely devastated by the whole situation."

Veterinarians removed the arrow in the early hours of this morning and have sent it to SPCA investigators for fingerprint analysis.

"When she initially came in we gave her pain relief and a clinical exam of her whole body to make sure nothing else was going on.

"Then we put her onto IV fluids and she was given antibiotics and we let her stabilise and recover from the shock for a couple of hours before she went to surgery."

There was a chance the cat may lose its eye, but that would not be known for at least 10 days.

She said she did not believe it was accidental and there were similar attacks on cats in the Howick area last year.


Eileen was in good spirits today, said Ms Spemann.

"She's doing really well, she's a lovely cat."

News of Eileen's injuries was causing outrage from pet owners and residents.

Scotty Christian said, "makes me sick to be living in an area where someone could act this evil to an innocent animal. hope the best for the cats recovery & love goes out to this cats doctors [sic]".

Renae Beaumont said, "This makes me sick!! Hope the lowlife scums get found! Chuck them away and throw away the key! How can people do this some people are so sick!! Hope u get better soon kitty praying for a speeding recovery for u [sic]".