Australia is going to give New Zealand greater advance warning of when it is about to release and deport convicted New Zealand criminals at the end of their sentences.

The two countries have also agreed to greater information sharing when it comes to checking for criminal history checking for employment purposes - but that will have to be with the consent of the job applicant.

The two moves were part of the agreements made at formal talks in Auckland this morning between Prime Minister John Key and Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott.

The Australians decided in 2012 to get tougher on overseas nationals who end up in their prisons but it has meant that many are deported without the usual parole conditions or risk management procedures that would go on if the criminals were being released back into Australia.


Mr Abbott and Mr Key held a press conference after the talks where Mr Abbott's leadership troubles and the fight against Isis (Isil, Islamic State or Daesh to Australia) dominated.

Mr Abbott congratulated Mr Key for New Zealand's commitment to 143 Defence Force personnel to work alongside Australia in Camp Taji to train Iraqi troops for two years.
He said the fight against Isis was an international fight and it was a "right and proper" decision by New Zealand."

"As far as I am concerned, good on John Key for being there to shoulder a reasonable share of responsibility for this particular battle because the death cult is reaching out to the world.

"Australia is proud ot be part of an internaitonal coalition working to disrupt and degrade and ultimately to destroy this death cult.

"It is the world's fight and it is important that New Zealand and Australia be involved.
It is the latest example in a long, strong and intimate partnership."

Commenting on Mr Abbott's leadership, Mr Key said he was an outstanding Prime Minister and it was a privilege to work alongside him, however the question of the Liberal leadership was a matter for the party.

Mr Abbott joked that the pair had discussed the issue of leadership: "and I can say that John's leadership is safe."

He said the latest speculation about the leadership of the Liberals was "media hyperventilation."


The pair are lunching together and will watch the one-day cricket match at Eden Park between Australia and New Zealand.