Police are attempting to rescue a 19-year-old tourist who became stuck at the bottom of a cliff face this morning.

Police said the European tourist had climbed to the top of Mount Hikurangi, 80 km north of Gisborne, and become lost and disoriented on his descent.

A helicopter was unable to reach him today due to low cloud and poor visibility.

Police are considering using a specialist rope team to rescue him.


The man is well-equipped with a sleeping bag and waterproof gear and police said he was safe and well.

He has used his phone to keep in regular contact with rescuers throughout the day.

Meanwhile, Police have called in the Navy to assist in the search for a man who went missing at Tolaga Bay.

The 38-year-old Malaysian tourist was swept out to sea yesterday afternoon while swimming with a tourist group.

He got into difficulty and has not been seen since. Another member of the group tried to save him, but lost his grip on him.

Police said despite extensive water and land searches in the area today and yesterday, the man has not been found. The Navy may use specialist sonar equipment to try to find the man.