Fly Emirates became more than just an airline slogan for a young Auckland woman whose long-haul flight was ruined by a fly in her salad.

Youngae Doh, 21, has hit out at Emirates after coming out of the airline's complaints process without compensation.

She had just settled in for the 30-hour haul from Frankfurt to Auckland when she started on a salad to find a fly trapped in the container.

"It was unconscious but started to buzz and attempted to fly out," she said. "I quickly shut the lid before it escaped."


Ms Doh called for a flight attendant and received an apology, before a senior attendant informed her an investigation would take a month.

An Emirates spokesperson told the Herald all in-flight meals were prepared in batches and "stringent" quality control checks were used.

"This incident was investigated fully by Emirates Catering, and Emirates can confirm that this has been an isolated incident."