New Zealand First leader Winston Peters says he is considering running for the vacant Northland MP seat.

Speaking from Te Tii Marae at Waitangi today, Mr Peters claimed he had been inundated with calls asking if he would put his name forward for the position.

National's Mike Sabin resigned from the position on Friday citing personal issues. Mr Sabin's resignation followed reports he was being investigated by police.

The by-election is set for March 28.


"New Zealand First is seriously going to consider the issue," Mr Peters said.

"It's a possibility. I'm a local here, I come from here and I know more about this area than a whole lot of other pretenders.

"I got a whole lot of phone calls. That's why I've been interested."

A decision about whether New Zealand First would put forward a candidate for the by-election, or whether Mr Peters would stand himself, would be made "very soon", he said.