What a creepy display from the patrons of the Carlton pub in Christchurch who group-watched and broadcast a free live sex display to the world.

Obviously it must have been amusing. You're having a few beers and a bit of a yarn then suddenly there's horizontal folk-dancing happening right across the road in a well-lit office building.

Most of us would have nudged, winked, laughed and possibly even given words of encouragement. It's just sex, it's fun, and it's a bit risque.

CARTOON: Another dirty office romp


But after a few minutes it's also fair to expect that at least one watcher would have raced across the road to alert the pair - even if it meant heaving a brick at their window.

If the man and woman having such public sex are exhibitionists they would have been spurred on, and grateful.

If they are private people, things would have been nipped in the bud, uncomfortably but still with gratitude.

If they are married people who are married to other people, or boyfriend and girlfriend - but not to each other - people, they would thank you for the rest of their lives.

Instead, the patrons of the Carlton bar filmed and photographed the pair and sent out images which will bounce around social media forever.

Even the band at the Carlton bar stopped so that everyone could take part in voyeurism, which if done by individuals is the act of a Peeping Tom. In a group it's just a bunch of distasteful and unevolved tattle-tails.

Already the pair face grief at work. Jobs could be at risk. But there are far worse scenarios. This couple who surrendered to the age-old rush of blood to predictable extremities could be parents, partners, and certainly family members.

New Zealanders kid ourselves that we are good neighbours, Samaritans, and legends who do what a mate would do.


Friday night at the Carlton Bar gives the lie to that.


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