The killing of hostages in Sydney has not deterred New Zealanders from flying to Australia.

High-profile terror attacks have seen Kiwis cancel trips to Britain and the United States, but that did not appear to be the case this time, House of Travel commercial director Brent Thomas said.

"We are not expecting there to be [cancellations]. People at this stage are treating this as an isolated incident. Obviously if there was a repeat of any even greater nature, that may have an impact.

"But right now, our bookings were at the level that they typically are for travel to Australia this year and next year as well."


New Zealander Ruth DeSouza, who lives in Melbourne, said she was not "remotely concerned" about her safety.

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Dr DeSouza, who co-ordinates Monash University's bachelor of nursing degree, said reactions such as the #illridewithyou initiative, which included offers of companionship for Muslim commuters, were uplifting.

"There has been quite a bit of racist abuse on public transport here ... the best and worst of people come out with these kind of events."

But Terina Hooper, who hails from Wellington but has lived in Sydney for 24 years, said returning to New Zealand or moving to "the bush" had crossed her mind.

Ms Hooper works not far from the Lindt cafe and said she would go there for hot chocolate about once a week with workmates.

"We read about this all the time. But this one was just so close to home, it was just unbelievable."