The mother of a baby kidnapped from Middlemore Hospital is still waiting to hear the findings of a review into security.

Elsje Pretorius gave birth to Nadine, her third daughter, on September 20. The pair returned to Middlemore days later with complications.

About 8pm on September 25, just after visiting hours had finished and family members had left, Mrs Pretorius had a quick shower while Nadine was sleeping. Her hospital room had an ensuite and she was just metres away. When she got out of the shower, the baby was gone.

The baby girl was found at a Manurewa property about 4am, safe and well, and was reunited with her parents.


The findings of a review of security at Middlemore Hospital are expected to be made public next week, two months after Nadine was kidnapped.

Mrs Pretorius said the family were still coming to terms with the incident.

"I do sometimes feel that we're not coping.

"Just after it all happened we were just so grateful to have her back in our arms we didn't think much of the after effects or what was to lie ahead."

She said the emotions that have come from the kidnapping can "pop out at any time" and she had sought psychological therapy to help with it.

She said knowing that changes in security would be implemented would help her.

"It's very important to me that it doesn't happen again," she said.

She said she understood that immediately after Nadine was taken from the ward security was "ramped up" at the hospital, including a security guard posted outside the neo-natal ward, she said.


A spokeswoman for Counties Manukau District Health Board said the review would be presented before the Middlemore Board on December 3.

Loni Marsh, 27, and Faatiga Joe Manutui, 31, have been charged with the kidnapping and will be re-appearing in the Manukau District Court tomorrow.

Manutui has pleaded not guilty and elected trial by jury. Marsh was remanded in custody without plea.