The $16.2 million Lotto Powerball jackpot stayed unclaimed last night - but there are plenty of ways to spend the money.

The lucky Lotto player bought the ticket at Countdown Hamilton, and won the jackpot the same night the city celebrated its 150th birthday.

If the winner is from Hamilton and wants to stay put, he or she could upgrade to a central city riverside mansion for a cool $3.85 million.

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And it would be rude not to buy a clifftop retreat at Hot Water Beach on the Coromandel Peninsula for $2.85 million.

And then there's the helicopter to get there, a mere $395,000, plus a car - a top of the line Audi, BMW, Mercedes or Range Rover, perhaps - all of which have dealerships in Hamilton.

Yesterday punters were heading into the Countdown to check their tickets, said checkout supervisor Matthew Wilson, but by lunchtime none was the big winner.

The supermarket has sold two first division winning tickets before, in February and June of 2005.

One Lotto player, Phyllis Perry, buys a ticket each week with two friends and said the trio had not won yet - "but we keep donating".

Hamilton Mayor Julie Hardaker said perhaps the stars aligned for one of the city's own. "If that person was at our 150th birthday celebrations then they had an extra birthday because they won $16 million."

She hoped it had "gone to a family that really deserves it".

A Lotteries Commission spokeswoman said no one had come forward with the winning ticket yet, which could mean the winner was trying to get over the shock of it.


"The majority of people that know [if they've won] will sit on it for a couple of days, and gather their thoughts and then work out a plan."

How to spend $16m

What a Hamiltonian could buy:

• Riverfront mansion with 5 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms set on 4556sq m (left): $3.85 million

• A Hot Water Beach cliff top coastal retreat on the Coromandel Peninsula: $2.85m

• Robinson R44 Raven II helicopter to get there: $395,000 plus GST

• Hamilton Park International Country Golf Course: $4.05m

• Architecturally designed ski resort holiday home in Queenstown: $1.245m

• Top of the line Range Rover Vogue or S-Class Mercedes-Benz: under $250,000

• Dairy farm investment: $1.3m

• Donate to Waikato charities: $1m

• Sponsor part of the Hamilton City River Plan to revitalise the city: $1m