What was awaiting young trick or treaters who knocked on the Prime Minister's house on Halloween?

One eight-year-old who knocked on John Key's door on Friday night came away with two chocolate Freddo frogs.

Erin Mills said her son Rupert, 8, who was dressed as a dragon ninja warrior, was trick or treating on Friday on John Key's Parnell street.

Ms Mills said they were surprised and excited to see the gate to Mr Key's home was open to trick or treaters.


She said the house was very "festive" and Mr Key's wife Bronagh was handing out candy at the front door.

Mrs Mills said she didn't see Mr Key at the house.

"Rupert told me that Mrs Key gave him two Freddo frogs which he was very pleased with.

"He thought it was awesome and is very excited he got to trick or treat the Prime Minister's home."