West Auckland policeman Peter Pakau has pleaded guilty to 14 charges relating to methamphetamine, accepting bribes, corruption, conspiring to pervert the course of justice and accessing the police computer system.

Pakau, 36, who organised drug runs and tipped off gangsters, admitted the charges today in the High Court at Auckland. He had earlier pleaded not guilty and was set to stand trial alongside six alleged co-offenders.

While Pakau has admitted the charges, a disputed facts hearing will be held in relation to the particulars of some of the counts.

His conviction was entered and the disputed facts hearing will be held before Pakau is sentenced.


The father of five, who resigned from the police after his arrest, appeared nervous as he stood on the dock to enter his plea this morning.

He cried as family members sat behind him, opposite former police colleagues who were tasked with investigating and charging him.

The Herald previously reported that Pakau tipped someone off about a planned search warrant, and that he accessed the police computer system and passed a person's private and personal details to an associate.

He accepted money as payment for getting a mechanic to hand over a Chrysler vehicle which was being worked on, and that he accepted a bribe of an iPad in exchange for getting a person beyond police tape at a Henderson address that had been recently raided. He is also alleged to have "corruptly'' given an associate ownership details of a car, according to the police charge sheets

Pakau also admitted organising drug runs for a methamphetamine ring and accessing the police computer system to tip off colleagues in the Head Hunters gang.

Police said in their summary of facts that Pakau was linked to methamphetamine cooks whom he organised to manufacture the drug, which he would then take in "substantial amounts'' to his dealer or supplier.

Pakau admitted the charges but disputed the quantities of methamphetamine detailed.

Police react

Waitemata District Commander Superintendent Bill Searle acknowledged the early guilty pleas from Pakau.


"Police are always extremely disappointed when staff do not meet the standards the public rightly expects, and we will not hesitate to investigate these matters and bring them before the courts where appropriate," he said in a statement.

He said police would comment further after sentencing.