The two women who became lost in the Kaimai Range have been found.

A reporter at the scene said the women, aged 68 and 76, were found about 1.5kms in from the Leyland O'Brien track entrance about 3.10pm.

The women appeared to be unhurt and in good spirits as they were walking towards searchers when they were found.

The two emerged from the bush alongside ''hero cop'' Deane O'Connor and retired police officer Lester Polglase, who joined search efforts earlier this afternoon.


One of the woman, who was only known as Lynne, said they lost their way and had only planned on a trek lasting two to three hours yesterday.

She said the two spent the night asleep on the track.

Both women knew people were searching for them but they did not have enough coverage on their Vodafone cellphones to call people to let them know where they were.

The other woman left the scene shortly after coming out, declining to speak with media.