A Christchurch man has appeared in court today accused of illegally bringing Tasers into New Zealand, and using one of the electroshock weapons to assault a woman.

Edward William Sellers, 28, is accused of illegally bringing Tasers - a restricted weapon - into New Zealand, through Auckland, on May 7 and August 11 this year.

On July 30, police allege that he used one of the stun guns to assault a woman in Christchurch.

The same day, police say they found him on Ensors Rd in possession of a Taser and a knife.


And last Monday, police allege he was caught in possession of drug utensils, namely a bong and a pipe.

At Christchurch District Court today, Sellers, of a central city address, appeared in the dock, well-dressed in a suit and tie.

Defence counsel Kerry Cook asked for Sellers to be remanded without plea until October 21.

Judge Raoul Neave granted the motion and said a plea would have to be entered on that date.