Harre admits it may be the end of her party, blames ill-discipline and Dotcom debacle.

Ill-discipline, mini-scandals and Kim Dotcom's silence during The Moment of Truth damaged Internet-Mana's vote and may yet see the end of the Internet Party, leader Laila Harre says.

But Mana Movement vice-president John Minto said the coalition arrangement was worth the risk to expand beyond his party's small role in Parliament.

Internet-Mana pulled just 1.26 per cent of the party vote and failed to get seats in Parliament after Hone Harawira lost Te Tai Tokerau. The result puts the future of the Internet Party in doubt.

Ms Harre said it was "extremely difficult" to grow a party without MPs. "I will be on the pragmatic side of that discussion, rather than the idealistic side of it."


Asked if this was the end of the party, she said: "I don't know ... The electoral environment for new parties is extremely hostile and very favourable to the incumbents."

A string of high-profile blunders and disagreements showed poor discipline "that definitely impacted on our support".

The party was also wounded by Dotcom's choice not to discuss at The Moment of Truth the alleged evidence that Prime Minister John Key had lied. The event was meant to bolster support on the back of spying revelations.

"From a political point of view, it would have been far preferable if he'd made a different decision, but he has every right to [follow his legal advice]. Of course it was disappointing, but it was also out of our hands. It definitely hurt the party."

Ms Harre blamed the failure to change the Government on National's successful vilification of Dotcom, and the left's failure - Labour's in particular - to counter it.

"That cost David Cunliffe the prime ministership ... We failed to work smartly and strategically together."

Mr Minto said Mana had gambled on the alliance working because it was "pure and powerless" with its then level of support in Parliament.

"It was a risk. We always knew it was a risk. We went in with our eyes open. I'm pleased we took the risk. We risked everything and we lost. C'est la vie - but I don't regret."


Mr Minto said the "political Establishment" lined up against Mr Harawira and cost him the needed electorate seat.

He also criticised the Herald for its coverage of the email that was to have been Dotcom's Moment of Truth disclosure.

"I don't think it's fake at all."

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