Tauranga's National Party candidate Simon Bridges has joined his party faithful as they settle in for the wait at Number 1 The Strand.

"It's always surprisingly nerve-raking. Elections are always interesting. It's like being in the twilight zone," he said.

The early results were promising but he was not ready to celebrate yet."Until you get those really bit centres counted it's very hard to tell.

"National's Tauranga electorate vice chair Jennifer Glausiuss and her husband and electorate secretary Peter Glausiuss were taking the chance to dress up and celebrate after months of hard work.


"It's a great occasion. It's a party," Mr Glausiuss said.Labour Party candidate Rachel Jones is awaiting the results with family and friends at the Greerton RSA.

Mrs Jones said they were feeling positive and were surprised by how many people were still undecided yesterday.

She believed there was still room for movement.New Zealand First candidate Clayton Mitchell said he was feeling excited, nervous and anxious.

Mr Mitchell is gathered with friends, family and supporters at Tauranga Club in the Devonport Towers tonight.

"It's looking really good," Mr Mitchell said."We've got a great turn out and have supporters, friends and family from around the country here.

"We've got long standing staunch New Zealand First members from Rotorua, Coromandel, Bay of Plenty and Tauranga.

"Very proud and very excited for the end result."National Party candidate Todd Muller has just arrived at his gathering at Te Puna Rugby Club tonight.

About 200 others including his wife and children are there with him to watch as the results unfold.At 21.2 per cent, Mr Muller is currently holding the most votes for the Bay of Plenty seat.


Mr Muller said he was feeling "absolutely humbled" by the current results and very excited if they were to hold.