The "puppy" a Christchurch man saw being dumped in a Christchurch creek was actually a dead hare, and the man will not face prosecution, police said today.

Greg Beaumont claimed to have seen a man dump what he thought was a dead dog in a stream by Hagley Park last Thursday.

He chased the man, filmed him, and confronted him before he ran off.

"I was 95 per cent certain what I had seen was a puppy, but I began wondering what if it had been a baby?" Mr Beaumont said later.


Christchurch police posted the photos on their Facebook page in a bid to identify the man.

The page sparked a vigorous discussion about what it's alleged the man has done.

Many expressed anger at the purported crime, while others urged caution that the man could have legitimate answers for what reportedly happened.

Today police said investigations had revealed the animal in the alleged incident was in fact a hare that was found dead by the man.

Officers spoke to the man in the photographs and no charges were pursued. "We're updating our Facebook page and thanking the public for their help," a police spokeswoman said.