New Zealanders remain sceptical about whether Kim Dotcom's pre-election bombshell will prove Prime Minister John Key hasn't told the truth, a Herald- DigiPoll survey shows.

But just one in 10 people are willing to completely rule out the chance that Mr Dotcom has sensitive information that will damage the National-led Government - a figure that the Internet Party founder says is down to his strong track record on making claims that turn out to be true.

Next Monday, Mr Dotcom is hosting a public event at Auckland's Town Hall, at which he is promising to release evidence which he claims could affect the election result five days later. Mr Dotcom says he will show Mr Key knew about him earlier than the Prime Minister has claimed. He has also recruited several high-profile guests, including Wikileaks founder Julian Assange, to share information about NZ spying agencies' role in global surveillance.

A Herald-DigiPoll survey showed just 7.2 per cent of people are certain Mr Dotcom will produce the evidence he is promising. A larger proportion, 11.5 per cent, believed he would not.


The vast majority - more than 70 per cent - believed he would produce information that was open to different interpretations.