A Conservative Party candidate's campaign trailer was set alight at his Auckland home earlier this evening in a suspected arson attack.

New Lynn candidate Steve Taylor said neighbours noticed the campaign trailer had been set alight, while still attached to his car.

It was parked outside his family home.

"The first we knew of the fire was when our neighbours banged on our door, and the fire trucks started showing up," he said.


"My wife and daughter were quite upset and now I have to try to explain to a six-year-old little girl why someone would want to put our family at risk in such a way."

Taylor said the level of vandalism during the election was increasing, but the alleged arson attack was "at a whole new and frightening level".

The fire was contained before it reached the car and the family home.

"Anonymous cowards with a political axe to grind should have the courage to front up in the public square, not go around setting fires at the homes of candidates," he said.