Embattled Justice Minister Judith Collins has surfaced visiting an online retailer in Mangere but refused to comment on claims about her links with blogger Cameron Slater.

Mrs Collins has been unavailable to media for several days after a person who hacked into Mr Slater's emails posted an email from her to Mr Slater giving the name and contact details of Internal Affairs officer Simon Pleasant who she suspected of leaking information to journalists.

Prime Minister John Key said earlier this week that it was up to Mrs Collins to explain her action.

Deputy Prime Minister Bill English said it was not his style to act in that way.


Mrs Collins, who was visiting online retailer Fishpond's new base near Auckland Airport, said she could not comment on the issue.

"I can't discuss that. It's the subject of a police complaint about the criminal activity of someone who has accessed private emails," she said.

She refused to talk about what she had said about it to Mr Key or what he had said to her.

Asked about what Mr Key had said publicly about the issue, she said: "I always agree with the Prime Minister."

She said she was visiting Fishpond because it was a successful business that started in her Papakura electorate.