Auckland Mayor Len Brown is not commenting on claims Cameron Slater asked an ex-prostitute friend to dig up more dirt when his affair was exposed.

Nicky Hager's book Dirty Politics contains a chapter on the mayoral sex scandal, which the author calls Slater's "most spectacular operation to date and also the grubbiest".

He claimed Slater was trying to get a right-wing mayor for the Super City by means of a sex scandal, publishing details of an affair between Brown and council adviser Bevan Chuang on his Whaleoil blog on October 15.

When it became clear Mr Brown would not resign, Hager said Slater approached an ex-prostitute friend to dig up more stories.


On October 23: "Rattle your cages to see if Len rooted in brothels". On November 18: "Did Brown use Mustangs [gentleman's club]?".

The chapter also reveals Facebook messages between Slater and former Auckland City councillor and National Party member Aaron Bhatnagar and Auckland councillor Sharon Stewart on the day the story broke.

Mr Bhatnagar asked him to lay off potentially damaging Len Brown jokes, to which Slater replied: "F*** off, you owe them nothing, keep kicking him".

Mrs Stewart, a Brown critic, messaged Slater saying: "Oh my God, John [Palino] might end up Mayor after all". Slater replied, "Yup, Tuesday".

Mr Bhatnagar could not be reached for comment. Last night, Mrs Stewart said "hand over heart I had no idea until the news broke the mayor was having an affair".