Christmas has taken a back seat to the election as people appear to be looking forward to the gift of government. In the latest Herald-DigiPoll survey, 35 per cent of voters deemed September's general election the most interesting event of the year.

It comes in ahead of the festive and holiday season at 30.4 per cent, and the All Black test in Sydney next week and summer's Cricket World Cup.

However, women and voters aged 18-39 were more interested in Christmas than the election. More than half of senior citizens polled put the election at number one spot.

Said comedian James Elliott: "I'm surprised at people being more excited about the election than Christmas. Do people understand that unlike general elections, at Christmas you generally get the presents you've been promised?"


The poll of 750 voters was taken between July 10-17. It has a margin of error of plus or minus 3.6 per cent.