Police are have confirmed they are treating the death of a 26-year-old man last night in Massey as a homicide.

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Police were called to the scene of an incident at Don Buck Road around midnight.

An ambulance was called, however the man died at the scene.


The scene examination is coming to a close, and police are taking down awnings.

A press conference would be held later this afternoon.

A shop owner near the house said there hadn't been trouble with the occupants of the address before.

People passing the scene said they were shocked by the incident.

"Is that the fifth [homicide] out here? Too many, too many," one man said.

Earlier police carried out a scene examination at a Don Buck Road address close to the Traingle Road intersection.

Armed police are still guarding a blue tent that covers part of a driveway and road.

Specialist Police searchers working near to the scene of a incident on Don Buck Road, Massey. Photo / New Zealand Herald / Sarah Ivey

Several cars are parked in another driveway.


The scene is close to a block of shops.

Owners of a fruit and vegetable grocery store next to the crime scene said they arrived at work to find the scene cordoned off and police guarding it.

A neighbour, who lives about 100m away from the address and who did not want to be named, said from he heard loud voices in what he described as "a drunken argument" from around 9pm onwards. He didn't know about the incident until waking up this morning and seeing the police tent.

Police are guarding the scene of a incident in Don Buck Road, Massey. Photo / New Zealand Herald / Sarah Ivey

As well as the blue police tent, another white tent covering a white vehicle is at the address. Other neighbours that APNZ spoke to did not want to comment.

Police said more information would be available later in the day.