German supporters have outnumbered Argentine fans at The Fox in Auckland's Viaduct Harbour.

A handful of Argentine jerseys were spotted amongst a sea of German flags, face paint and jerseys.

The pub has been at capacity since 6am serving coffee and bacon and eggs, with no pints being pulled until half-time at 8am.

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German backpacker Kim Kieselbach, 25, said she has watched every game of the World Cup, either at the hostel she was staying at or with friends at pubs.

She was confident her German side would win.

"I think [Argentina] are good, and they have Messi who can turn a goal out of anything apparently, but we are better, we are strong and we will win."

She said the shocking 7-1 win over Brazil in the semi-finals was a highlight of the tournament so far.

"I was laughing and cheering the whole time."

When Gillian Gardener's team was knocked out of the semi-final she decided to support Argentina in the final.

Mrs Gardener's husband is Brazilian and she hoped the South American side would win today.

She said Argentina's defenders would give them an edge over Germany.

"And their passion, they're very passionate."

She didn't mind being one of only of a few Argentina supporters in The Fox this morning.
"It's good to stand out," she said.

Her husband's home country had done well putting on the tournament, she said.

"I think they've been good hosts, there's only been a bit of tension in the past couple of days," she said.

She said the game that knocked Brazil out of the tournament was "terrible".

"I was swearing away."

Horror turned to relief when what looked to be a goal to Argentina was called a no goal by the side-line referee.

The crowd at The Fox gasped and hung their heads before the offside call was made.

Germans flags were raised and the fans chanted in support when the goal was not allowed.

Paula Charmley said the first half of the game had her feeling nervous.

"My heart rate is through the roof."

The Aucklander was supporting Germany because she worked with German media in her job.

"I'm standing here watching next to a few Argentina supporters so it's been a bit tense," she said.

"The second half will be ours."