Labour has unveiled its campaign slogan for the 2014 election will be "Vote Positive."

Campaign manager David Talbot has also revealed the party's social media hashtag with be #forabetterNZ.

It will go up against National's slogan of 'Working for New Zealand' and #TeamKey, which Mr Talbot has dismissed as a "vanity hashtag" because of its focus on National leader John Key.

Mr Talbot also revealed a series of Labour's billboards, focusing on workers, homes and families.


One features a group of factory workers with the Vote Positive slogan across it while another had a young family standing outside a home. They are to illustrate Labour's key policies, such as Best Start payments for newborn babies, and housing affordability policies, such as its KiwiBuild promise to build affordable homes.

All had the 'party vote Labour' logo at the bottom, but did not feature any MPs or leader David Cunliffe, although Mr Cunliffe is expected to feature on some billboards.